4 Ways to Protect Your Sacramento Home from Squatters – CA Landlord Best Practices

On today’s blog we are talking about squatters. Specifically, we are going to share four ways that you can prevent squatters from being in your rental property.

Aggressive Marketing

Working with a professional property management company in Sacramento that does aggressive marketing on behalf of your property will help reduce the likelihood that you have squatters in your empty home. When you have aggressive marketing, you have shorter Read more

4 Tips to an Effective and Strong Residential Lease for Your Sacramento Rental

Today at Smooth Sailing Realty, we are talking about what you need to include in your lease for it to be effective. You can buy leases and templates in any stationary store, or you can get them off the Internet. We don’t recommend using those leases. A proper lease has to be well drafted and it must include all the legal jargon that’s necessary to protect you. In order for your lease to be legal and enforceable, it needs to be specific to the area and to your property.

Identification and Rules

A strong lease will include the names of all the tenants and occupants in the home. It will also establish occupancy limits and explain what tenants are allowed to do and not allowed to do. Your lease should explain Read more

Sacramento Home Inspection Education: Code Compliance and Zoning

One of the things we need to talk about is how to properly inspect your rental so it is safe and habitable. California has a long and complicated code for rental properties and you need to ensure you’re in compliance at all times. In Sacramento, there is a set of city codes as well as county codes. It’s important to understand all of them and to know which one supersedes the other.

Vehicle codes are also present and strictly enforced in Sacramento. As a landlord, you need to know what’s allowed on your Read more