4 Ways to Protect Your Sacramento Home from Squatters – CA Landlord Best Practices

On today’s blog we are talking about squatters. Specifically, we are going to share four ways that you can prevent squatters from being in your rental property.

Aggressive Marketing

Working with a professional property management company in Sacramento that does aggressive marketing on behalf of your property will help reduce the likelihood that you have squatters in your empty home. When you have aggressive marketing, you have shorter Read more

4 Tips to an Effective and Strong Residential Lease for Your Sacramento Rental

Today at Smooth Sailing Realty, we are talking about what you need to include in your lease for it to be effective. You can buy leases and templates in any stationary store, or you can get them off the Internet. We don’t recommend using those leases. A proper lease has to be well drafted and it must include all the legal jargon that’s necessary to protect you. In order for your lease to be legal and enforceable, it needs to be specific to the area and to your property.

Identification and Rules

A strong lease will include the names of all the tenants and occupants in the home. It will also establish occupancy limits and explain what tenants are allowed to do and not allowed to do. Your lease should explain Read more

Sacramento Home Inspection Education: Code Compliance and Zoning

One of the things we need to talk about is how to properly inspect your rental so it is safe and habitable. California has a long and complicated code for rental properties and you need to ensure you’re in compliance at all times. In Sacramento, there is a set of city codes as well as county codes. It’s important to understand all of them and to know which one supersedes the other.

Vehicle codes are also present and strictly enforced in Sacramento. As a landlord, you need to know what’s allowed on your Read more

The Benefits of Allowing Pets in Your Sacramento Rental Property

Today we’re talking about pets and whether an owner should allow them in a rental property. Many owners are concerned about the potential for damage and liability when a pet is permitted to move into the home. However, we’re going to share some things you can do that will help you minimize that risk.

Service and Companion Animals

One thing you need to know is that service animals and companion animals are protected pets. If you have an applicant who needs one of these animals, you have to Read more

What to Do When you Encounter Marijuana on your Sacramento Rental Property

Today we’re discussing a topic that has become pretty popular with rental property owners and landlords. That’s what to do when you encounter marijuana in your property. This is a complicated legal issue and how you handle it depends on what’s permitted in your particular area.

Tenant Screening

When your tenants move in, you need to properly screen those tenants so you’ll know if they are planning to grow marijuana on your property or not. If they decide to grow it after they move in, they’ll need to have the proper documentation and licenses to do so. Every city and county has different ordinances, so make sure Read more

California Drought and Best Practices for Landlords in Sacramento

Recently, a friend asked me about the impact of buying a rental property in Sacramento, specifically how the drought will affect such an investment. Today, we’re sharing a few pieces of advice concerning the drought in California.

When the Owner Pays for Water

If you own a rental property and you’re paying for the water, you need to be concerned about how much water the tenant is using. Too much water usage will affect Read more

Security Deposits as a Landlord – Depreciation and Wear & Tear in Sacramento

Our topic today is security deposits. Surprisingly, managing a security deposit is a very simple process if you know what you’re doing. However, they get landlords into court a lot of the time. These are some of the things you need to consider when you’re dealing with your tenant’s deposit.

Time Limits

One reason landlords find themselves in court is that they don’t pay attention to the security deposit deadlines. You have a specific time limit to close out the security deposit, and you have to get it right. Return the security deposit on time, and if you don’t know the exact amount of what you’ll need to deduct for damages, you can Read more

Fair Housing: 3 Things to Watch Out for with Tenant Screening for your Sacramento Rental Property

Today, our topic is fair housing, and the legal requirements you need to be aware of. First, you have to determine who selects the tenant for your home. At Smooth Sailing Realty & Property Management, we believe the property owner should have a say in the decision. After all, it’s your rental home and you should have some idea of who will be living in it.

Advertising and Marketing

When you are advertising your property for rent, or marketing it to a pool of potential renters, you have to Read more

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What is the Cost of Property Management in Sacramento?

One of the things we truly enjoy is taking care of our clients. When you’re looking for a property management company, take a look at what they charge and what services come with those fees. Choosing the company with the lowest price isn’t always the best thing for you or your rental home. Sometimes, you get what you pay for. Read more

Smooth Sailing Realty Intro – Property Management Sacramento

At Smooth Sailing Realty and Property Management, we take care of rentals in the Sacramento and outlying areas. We have been in business for over seven years. Today, we’re sharing a few reasons why you should work with us. Read more