4 Ways to Protect Your Sacramento Home from Squatters – CA Landlord Best Practices

On today’s blog we are talking about squatters. Specifically, we are going to share four ways that you can prevent squatters from being in your rental property.

Aggressive Marketing

Working with a professional property management company in Sacramento that does aggressive marketing on behalf of your property will help reduce the likelihood that you have squatters in your empty home. When you have aggressive marketing, you have shorter vacancy rates. This means your home gets occupied faster and there isn’t a chance for squatters to move in.


It’s important to keep your property secure when it is vacant. Check the locks on the doors and keep the windows closed and secured. These extra security measures can prevent any squatters from getting into your property when it’s empty.

Occupancy Checks

Conduct regular and random occupancy checks when your property doesn’t have any tenants. These checks will help you determine whether anyone has been inside and you can make sure that squatters are not currently living there. Occupancy checks can have a huge impact on whether someone is able to get into your home.

Reconsider Signs

We recommend that owners avoid putting signs on the property. This is an invitation to squatters because it advertises the fact that your house is empty. The decision on whether or not to use signs in the yards or windows is ultimately up to owners, but we have found that signs do increase the risk of squatters.

These are four simple things you can do to prevent squatters from taking up residence in your rental property. If you’d like more information, or you need help with what to do when you encounter a squatter, please contact us at Smooth Sailing Realty and Property Management.

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  1. Rose Marie
    Rose Marie says:

    Securing the property is your best option. A guard dog is also a must to warn intruders. Installing a security home system will surely give you a peace of mind!


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